Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies


Before whipping up a batch of mouth-watering smoothies, you should go back to basics. Smoothie maker – young and old alike – should know not just what a smoothie’s ingredients are, but what it can also do for you.


Whether it be made of fruits or veggie greens, smoothies are definitely good for your soul and your body.


Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies


Here are 11 of the best reasons why they are:


  1. Smoothies are very easy to prepare. All you need is a blender, a knife (to cut up or chop your fruits or vegetables), your ingredients, which are usually just the fruit/vegetable, some milk, juice or water, yogurt and/or ice cubes and other condiments to sweeten it up a bit, and you’re all set. Within just 5 to 10 minutes of chopping, blending and pouring, you’re ready to enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing glass of smoothie.
  2. Smoothies give you a natural source of nutrition. Getting nutrients and vitamins from food is still the best way to stay fit and healthy. Having a smoothie a day ensures you of a daily dose of life-giving substances.
  3. Ingredients are easy to source. Fruits and vegetables are very accessible and very easy to find (unless you live in a small island devoid of trees or vegetation). You can even grow your own ingredients, or you can simply go to the grocery and check out the fruits and greens section.
  4. Smoothies are inexpensive to prepare. This is especially true when you compare it to food and beverage choices that are half as healthy. The ingredients you use don’t cost much. Aside from that, you also save money on doctor visits and drugs as a result of a healthy diet and a stronger immune system.
  5. Smoothies help keep the body hydrated. Most fruits and some vegetables have the natural moisture to keep you hydrated, especially at the start of your day. Having a smoothie assures you of a lesser chance of acquiring electrolyte imbalance for the rest of your day.
  6. Get your daily dose of antioxidants. These healthy, God’s-gift-to-mankind foods not only provide vitamins and nutrients that are important for the well-being of your body; most of these also have antioxidants that help to detoxify and eliminate unnecessary waste products from your system. (This will especially work if you combine your smoothie-drinking with the proper diet and exercise plus a healthy lifestyle.)
  7. Smoothies provide a good source of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber that helps your digestive system eliminate waste and toxic substances easily.
  8. Smoothies help your brain function at its best. Some fruits and vegetables contain folic acid and/or fructose – both of which help enable the brain to function at its optimum level.
  9. No cooking skills required. If you don’t know how to cook, then smoothies are perfect for you as there is no need to cook your ingredients. You just dump it all in the blender and just puree away!
  10. Get your daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables. You get your 5 servings of fruits a day – just like what the doctor ordered. This means you get a ton of vitamins and minerals all in one go. Sometimes you even get more than 5, what with the numerous but satisfying and definitely delicious combinations you can make.
  11. Smoothies give your body a good source of energy. Fruits are endowed with natural sugars which convert to energy as soon as an intake of it is figured out by your body. Smoothies just make it easier for your body to recognize its worth.


homemade smoothies

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Smoothies Are Convenient


If you’re running late and you don’t have time to drink it at home, all you need is a mug with a cover and you can take it with you even while chasing after the bus that takes you to work.


With all these benefits, it’s no wonder a lot of people are getting into the habit of drinking a glass (or more) a day. For variety, you might want to get a healthy smoothie recipe book, like “Sensational Smoothies: Drink You Way To Health Deliciously”.


Healthy Smoothie Recipes


Smoothies are best taken at breakfast – actually, it is a complete meal in itself already. With an ample supply of fruits and vegetables, prepare your ingredients before going to bed (so that it would be less of a hassle in the morning when you’re preparing to go to work or school). Drink up in the morning and prepare for an energy-filled day.


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