Article Submission

Please use the following as a guideline when submitting your articles:

1. Articles must be unique and with high quality content.
2. Article types allowed: How-to articles, Case studies and Actionable Content.
3. Articles must be the authors own work.
4. You cannot submit articles from other authors.
5. All content of your articles must be original, no article spamming.
6. It’s okay to use to use ghost writer to write your articles.
7. No duplication of articles allowed whether full or partial.
8. No more than 5 to 6 Keyword stuffed articles are accepted.
9. Spell-check all article for grammatical errors before you submit them.
10. Articles with grammatical and spelling errors will not be approved.
11. We will not allow articles containing the following: hate, violence, racial, hacking, weapons, guns, alcohol, drugs, tobacco-related, steroids, illegal, replica products, selling exams answers to college students, selling essays to students, gambling, betting, illegal video streaming services, advocate against any individual or group, pornography, escort services, sex toys, diet pills, weight loss pills, online pharmacies, Viagra, penis enlargement, packers and movers, politics, religion.
12. You can only use the article body for live links to your websites.
13. All articles and their links must be in English only.
14. Always choose a category that best represent your article and add it to that category.
15. You cannot submit multiple versions of the same articles, it will not be approved.


Article Title

1. The first letter of the words of the title must only be capitalized.
2. No URLs, email addresses, author names allowed in the title.
3. No HTML tags allowed in the title.
o Article Summary
1. Summary must contain a minimum of 120 characters.
2. No URLs, email addresses or author names allowed in the summary.
3. Don’t repeat the title in summary.
Article Body

1. Must have a minimum of 300 words.
2. Do not duplicate the words and paragraph to increase the word count. .
3. Tags allowed in body h2, h3, p, b, i, u, strong, ol, ul, li, img.
4. Tags not allowed in body h1, hr, font, colour, JavaScript, table, span, tr, td, br.
5. Your article must not contain hard line breaks on every line of the article. Is allowed only with a small list of items.
6. Your article must be formatted with paragraphs to make it easier to read. Use white space between paragraphs. A block of text not is approved.
7. You may link to high authority sites such as Wikipedia, NYTimes etc.
8. No email addresses, author names or contact info allowed in the body of the article.
9. Outgoing links must be related to the content of the article, example: an article about golf must link to golf related content!
10. Don’t ask visitors to visit your link for instance – click here etc.
11. Don’t add a resource box or author bio. Use your profile page to talk about yourself and add your facebook, twitter, and Google plus account.
Profile Page

1. Pen name must be a person, not a company name or keyword.
2. Please use your own picture instead of a company or website logo
3. Ideal image size is 280px wide.
4. Don’t use your profile page just for the back link. Profiles without articles will be deleted after a certain amount of time.

1. You must have full rights to the images you post.
2. Ideal image size for the top image is minimum 880px450px.
3. File types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif.
4. No promotion on the image such as your website or company image


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