Why Choose A Cheap Website Design


Why on earth would you choose a cheap website design if you’re trying to promote a company or service? This makes no sense to some people.  But affordable website design does not mean that you must sacrifice on quality. You can start small with a few pages and launch your site with WordPress.


A lot of business people think that to attract as many people as possible to their business online, they must spend massive amounts of money on a website using a web design companies.


There are many good reasons why as a company owner you should consider cheap website design. The first reason is an obvious one:


  • no one wants to throw away money without a concrete evidence of return on their investment and
  • there is no point in spending vast amounts of money on a website when you have no way of knowing if your business is going to work.


That brings me onto the second reason why you should choose cheap website design. Let’s say that you have a business already and you are thinking of expanding your business. It would be folly to spend large amounts of money trying to promote a section of your business that you don’t even know is going to bring you any money.


So, the solution is to go the cheap website design route. You hire a cheap website design company who can put five or six pages onto the Internet for you which are optimized for the traffic that you need to attract.


cheap website design


Cheap Websites


The alternative to hiring a website designer is to do it yourself.  Without a lot of fancy gizmos, you can have a functioning website in a matter of hours with the same number of pages.



You can start with a free CMS called WordPress.  Go to GoDaddy and buy a domain, get a cheap hosting from HostGator and quick install WordPress and your site will be ready for optimization.  The optimization is the key to whether you are going to get your product or service in front of customers.


You can then let this website run for the term of your URL which can be as low as one year. After this year is finished you will know whether your product or service is marketable and whether you have a business or not.


You can get all this for the cost of $150 or $200, if you use a cheap website designer and under $50 if you do it yourself.  There are many companies out there that will charge you a lot more than this for a website that will basically do the same job.


Affordable web design means you can start very quickly and upgrade as you go along.  You can work with a  designer to create a cheap web site design and then grow your website along with your relationship with your web designer and your audience.


This is much better than having to deal with a large web design company that is only interested in taking your money every month and not providing you with the one-on-one service that you need.


The beauty of starting with a cheap website means that you can test run your business product and service to see whether it resonate with your audience before you start to spend large sums of money on it.  To get started use this discount from HostGator.

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