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We all like to get something for nothing or if there aren’t any proper freebies available, heavily discounted is rather great too. There are of course many places giving away freebies, the big problem is locating the best ones. Here are some tips to help you find the very best freebies.


If you want a freebie from a company, why not just try asking them for some freebies. Just send them a nice letter inquiring about their products and if there is any way you could try them out. The company is very likely to send you some free samples or vouchers, for your trouble.


If you’re in the UK a brilliant way to get freebies is from  Freecycle is an organisation made up of local groups with members who post messages about items they no longer need. Other members can then respond to the message and arrange to collect the item.


Since the groups are localized it makes it easy to collect the item as you won’t have far to travel. They operate groups in other parts of the world too, but the UK is the place where it started and therefore has the most groups. However you can see all over the world where is active here. The Freecycle network is active in all these countries.

Best Free Stuff

The difficult trading situation has seen all too many companies going under and having to close their doors and shut up shop. This unfortunately for the shop, means they will have stock that they must get rid of at any price. They will be forced to heavily reduce all their prices and even give away some items as freebies.


Closing down sales is where you would be able to buy items for discounts of up to 90 percent. The largest discounts will be available closer to the final day of trading, but there will be less stock available the closer you get to it. You need to try and judge when is the best time to go to the sale, depending on what you want to buy and how popular those items will be.




The very best and easiest way to locate freebies has to be via the Internet.  You will find thousands of websites offering you freebies, many of which may not be as free as they first appear. You should be careful to read the small print if there is any, you may find that hidden charges apply if you’re not vigilant.


There’s no one out there who don’t like to save much money as possible. With the terrible crisis we’re going through nowadays, everyone wants to save their money for emergency purposes. This includes everything too, not just groceries or clothes.


We don’t want to spend all of our money in shopping; we want to spend our cash for our daily necessities.


Many people believe that using coupons is a waste of time in the long run, it’s too time consuming and the savings are not enough. Nothing could be further from the truth!


Especially in this day and age when the price of everything has gone up considerably, using coupons is one way to be able to purchase the things you enjoy while still staying within an acceptable budget.


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The Very Best Free Stuff


People spent their money more wisely; we look for freebies on the internet (e.g. free coupons, free TV, computer and much more).


Paid surveys sites have discovered a new trend in getting more paid survey employees, promoting the free coupons and vouchers.


Some paid surveys sites are offering freebies when you join their paid survey site, when you reach the daily quota or when you spend more time on answering the companies paid surveys and when they are satisfied with your work.


All you have to do is find a legitimate survey site,  search for free paid survey sites, they don’t ask for payment and I guarantee you that it’s more legitimate than other paid survey sites out there just be careful in choosing a site, some of them will ask for money.


If you decided to join, just remember to do a little research about the company, make sure that they will really pay you and they are really legitimate.


The next thing you need to do is register and answer the questionnaires they provide you. Some of the survey sites offer freebies for their newly registered employee.


So if you choose a paid survey site just remember the things you need to consider before joining. Now you can get freebies, but be careful in registering.

Want More Free Stuff?


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Good luck with your freebie hunting, I hope you’ve found these ideas useful.


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