Private label rights products come in many forms, such as eBooks, audio books, articles, software and video.  A lot of new buyers make one mistake when they buy Private label products, they fail to brand the new product they’ve just purchased. This is a big mistake because these types of products aren’t usually sold exclusively. Most of the time they are bought by hundreds or even thousands of resellers.


Before focusing on the importance of branding Private label products, understand how they make money. For instance, PLR article buyers tend to create a website and use the articles as pages. These websites make money by selling a product or a service or by relying on affiliate programs.


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As for eBooks and software, the PLR products are usually resold to interested buyers. For example, when you buy a time management software program that is designed for small business owners, you might pay $500 for the resell rights.  Sell that program for $100 and you only need to make six sales before you see a profit.


As for branding, it comes in different formats, for articles and eBook branding, all you must do is rewrite the content. However, it’s far harder to brand software products. As you don’t want to mess with the program applications, so you are more likely to leave it as is. This is okay, but the problem comes when people want to compare prices.


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Many consumers find a product they like and search for it online looking specifically for a cheaper price. Let’s say you’re reselling a software program and don’t want to change a thing, the chances are the consumer will find a cheaper version elsewhere. Should the consumer go and purchase the cheaper product rather than yours, it means you just lost a paying customer.


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However, if you take the time to change the name and make the software look a little bit different by redesigning the original cover work and changing the sales copy to reflect your business, you’ve got a new product.  Even a slight modification from the original product will have a much better chance of turning a profit because it will stand out in a sea of other resellers.


Most PLR software buyers don’t have the experience needed to add in new features or make program changes. That is okay, what you want to do is think outside of the box.  You make the software available for digital download or offer a hard copy with printed instructions. You can also bump up the value by adding in extra bonuses, services and even support.


Marketing is very important if you are going to sell shed load of your PLR products. Even a small amount of marketing will help you sell your product. You can use Facebook ads, Google AdWords, social media and online message boards. Create links to your sales pages and watch the sales flow in.


See what product sells best in two to three months. It should be the one your branded because you are no longer selling a product available elsewhere for a lower price. You are now selling a unique product, which will generate more interest and income.


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