NATIVE BELIZEAN JOHNNY CAKES Belizean food is easy to prepare, physically filling and delightfully delicious. How about a dish of Johnny Cakes? Johnny Cakes are a favored breakfast dish in Belize.


Johnny Cakes are a cross between what the American people traditionally or culturally know as biscuits and/or pancakes.


	johnny cake belize


Traditionally, in Belize, Johnny Cakes are a breakfast food item. However, Johnny Cakes are also, for many people, a standard, even a favorite bread that is consumed during lunch and dinner meals. Excellent with refried beans, cheese that is melted, crumbled or sliced.


Belizean Johnny Cake Recipe


JOHNNY CAKES 2 lbs. Flour – 1/4 lb. Shortening – 4 tsp. Baking powder – 2 tsp. Salt Cream from 1 coconut, or tin Coconut Cream (8 oz.


Place flour in mixing bowl and add all dry ingredients. Work in shortening with fingers. Gradually add coconut cream and mix until dough handle easily without being too sticky, or dry. If too sticky, add a bit more flour. Knead until smooth. Cut into desired size (golf ball size works well) and shape into a ball. Let rest about 10 minutes, then flatten to about 1/2″ thickness onto baking sheet. Prick top with fork four or five times.  Bake in preheated oven at 450 degrees F. until golden brown, or about 15 minutes. Once cooked split.



Johnny Cakes are also good for when one has the munchies, pop one in the microwave or eat it cold, like bread and butter spread a bit of jam, jelly or your favorite fruit preserve on top. How delicious!open and butter while hot.


Johnny Cake Belize


Are you a Belizean? Do you like to surprise your none Belizean friends with your favorite native foods at social functions, picnics or other gatherings? Would you like to share your recipes with the whole wide world? If so, please email me at:


If you share a recipe and wish to remain anonymous your privacy will be respected. If not you will be given credit for your contribution. Belize has many great recipes for all occasions.


As proud Belizeans let’s share our rich cultural heritage, which includes our food recipes, with the whole wide world! ~Anthony Benjamin~


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